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When you take into account the repetitive nature of advertising on radio, the creative scope and the ability to call people to action it's hard to beat it for value - add to the fact that we at Choice FM see our station as a service you will be hard pressed to get better buck for your dollar!

RUN OF STATION: $40 per week (Production incl.)

A standard advertising package giving you a spread of your adverts throughout the day.  With this package we will produce two ads per month, which can either run alternately or be time programmed to run on different weeks/days.

  • Production of 2 x 30sec adverts per month

  • Coverage throughout the day

  • Minimum of 18 adverts per day (often more as we will fill empty spots)

  • 7 Days per week

  • 126 Guaranteed spots per week - where else do you get ad's for 32 cents??

  • Minimum 6 month contract

FOCUSED CAMPAIGN: $60 per week (No Contract)

This package is ideal for highlighting an event with high coverage over a short time span. You can have up to 3 different adverts produced leading up to an event such as a sale, community event etc.  These are one-off campaigns without a minimum contract.

  • Production of up to 3 x 30sec adverts

  • Spread coverage throughout the day with a focus on high listener times

  • Minimum of 24 adverts per day (often more as we will fill empty spots)

  • 168 spots per week

  • 36 cents per spot with high play rates

SPONSORED SHOW: $20 per week

This package entitles you to sponsoring an hour-long show that runs each day.  You will receive naming rights to the show plus customized ID’s and promotions for that show running throughout the day.

  • Naming rights for show

  • Targeted Audiences

  • Minimum of 8 show promos per day

  • 5 sponsorship ID’s through each show

  • Announcer mentions

  • 5 shows per week

  • A total of a minimum 91 branding spots per week.

  • Minimum 6 month contract

CUSTOM CAMPAIGN: Call for a Quote

If you have a special taget you want to reach or promotion or event you want to get to market in an innovative way, then we can work with you to customise a campaign that will help you achieve your goals.  This can include on site promotion and broadcasts.  CONTACT us for more information.

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